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A Complete List of Euro-Sceptic Web Resources


"But we have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe,but not of it.
We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed."
- - Winston Churchill.


This site is dedicated to those people who are fighting to keep our National identity, fighting to preserve our right to govern our own country, make our own laws, keep our own currency, elect our own leaders; fighting to keep us from becoming a small piece of Federal Europe. In fact, fighting to keep this Great Britain, unconquered for almost a thousand years, as it always has been: free and British.

RULE BRITANNIA ! or Ruled From Brussels..?

THE LIST of Web Resources

 “He who controls the currency controls the country”. 
-  Keynes


" Business for Sterling is the leading campaign for the survival of sterling, and for Britain to stay out of the European Monetary Union. Although non-party political and non anti European, Business for sterling believes the implications of joining the Euro could be harmful to the British Economy, and present the business arguments for Sterling."
Aimed primarily at British businessmen, this site contains much  information on what abolishing the pound would mean for all of us, not just businesses, covering things like interest rates, taxes, inflation, and wages.


"We are a group of people who have always been pro-European and in favour of Britain's constructive membership of the European Union. We are internationalists and come from all political backgrounds. We believe that Britain is better off outside the single currency."   "New Europe is part of NO, the non-party political campaign against the euro."  Includes full text of a debate between Kenneth Clarke and Malcolm Rifkind, articles by Robin Guthrie, Bridget Rosewell, Sir John Coles and other famous figures. Good site with outstanding content. The top site for the implications of the single currency, in my opinion.

Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign

Chaired by The Rt. Hon Lord Shore of Stepney PC, their mission statement is (extract): "The Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign is strongly opposed to Stage III and the Single Currency, which will deprive our Labour government of the essential tools of economic management...The case against Stage III and the single currency is not a question of arid economic theory. It is a struggle for the soul of the Labour Party. Join us in the fight."
Membership is invited, regardless of your political party, with a voluntary donation. Some very good articles here.


"No Euro, says the New Alliance."  Read the page headed  "THE CASE AGAINST EMU - "PENNY WISE, EURO FOOLISH"
How do claims by federalists on the single currency and EMU stand up to scrutiny?"  There are answers here to many of our questions. Not an expensive professional site, but all the better for it. Very useful. Go there.


"The Democracy Movement is a non-party political campaign to Keep the Pound and Stop the European Superstate.
The European Superstate is nearing completion. The British people are already citizens of this state. It has its own anthem, its own flag, and its own currency - the Euro.
In the next four to five years politicians want the new state to have its own passport, a Europe wide police force called EuroPol, a single system of law, a European army, a single tax system and a single social benefits system. All of this is being organised without your consent and much of it without your knowledge."
A major site, with much content. Go there. They recently staged an anti-euro protest march (photo on site).


   The Conservative Party's campaign to keep the pound. "We have confidence in the ability of Britain to prosper with her own currency."  An online poll that has collected over a million signatures. The Articles/Speeches has some good stuff, such as:  "Trade supremo Stephen Byers yesterday performed an incredible U-turn on the single currency. Mr Byers - the (labour) Cabinet's euro cheerleader - admitted it will be virtually impossible to persuade voters to ditch the Pound because it would jeopardise the economy...(more)".


"'4 STERLING' are Business people in Redditch, Worcestershire. We do not represent any one political party. We believe that the new single European currency will remove future UK Governments' ability to regulate the economy in our interests, as vital decisions concerning interest rates and taxation will be made outside of the UK. The new currency is NOT 'inevitable'. The British people have a right to hear the arguments both for and against the Euro, and then decide for themselves. We believe that voicing our objections will help balance the argument for the new currency as we feel our politicians are 'selling' the perceived benefits without informing us of the dangers involved."   Simply written, easy to understand, good common sense.


A well-written article from Keele university with some hard-hitting and alarming facts, such as " The Bank of England will become the British Central Bank and the European Central Bank will take over its legal control. This will mean that the Chancellor of the Exchequer will no longer have his regular meetings with the Governor, and the officials of our Central Bank will be legally bound to take no notice of what our Government advises or our nation needs..."


"The National Democrats were formed four years ago and have grown rapidly since. Made up of ordinary people it offers common sense policies for many of the problems facing our country. Above all it puts the interests of the British people first. The National Democrats say:- SAVE THE POUND £££!
Why Britain should leave the European Union:
1. If we stay in, it is only a matter of time before we are forced to abandon the pound and adopt the Euro - this will mean converting every till, computer, sales ticket, etc.
2. Our tax levels will continue to rise because they will increasingly be set by Brussels and our relatively lower taxes will be forced up. (MORE) "  
Not a lot more except an email address and phone number for a free info pack.

The Euro and its consequences for the United Kingdom

An excellent article by David Shaw MP. To quote "...Therefore, if the United Kingdom enters a single currency every man, woman and child would take on a European liability of some £11,864 each ..." (this is admittedly taken out of context as an extract, but visit the site for the full text !)


"A simple honest message often repeated will become the accepted truth. " Britain must not lose control of The Pound or we will lose control of our lives and our Country " To show your support for this 'WEAR A GOLD POUND EMBLEM ON A PIECE OF BLACK FABRIC' - the fabric is in memory of those who have died in defence of our National Sovereignty and as a reminder of the great loss if our Sovereignty dies. "  Yes.  Buy your emblems here for a pound apiece.


"UK Euro-skeptics Launch Plan to Save Pound from EMU:
LONDON (MktNews) - Senior politicians and businessmen are trying to launch a cross-party campaign aimed at stopping the U.K. from joining a single European currency, newspapers reported Friday. "
A report from February, but it names some names and gives pointers for further research.

The UK and the euro - better out than in?

In a 1999 report 'The UK and the euro - better out than in?'  the Institute of Directors says Britain's business community would be better off not joining the euro and should vote against the single currency in any future referendum. (This is an extract from the report)


"With Europe on the brink of a great economic experiment, this is the first book to look at the European Union and single currency from the perspective of each of the member states"   Written by the following: - BERNARD H. MOSS is Professor of History associated with the Institute of European Studies in London. With an LL.M. from the London School of Economics, he has expanded his interests to the European Union. JONATHAN MICHIE is Professor of Management and Business Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London. He was previously at the Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge, and before that worked in Brussels as an Expert to the European Commission. He has authored or edited more than 15 books, mostly on economic policy. 
I have not read this book, and I would welcome a review from somebody.



"The Democracy Movement has been set up to stop the government abolishing the Pound. We offer a voice to the millions of people who don't want to join the single currency - the Euro - and become citizens of a European Union superstate. "
Formed by multi-millionaire Paul Sykes, (and incorporating Sir James Goldsmith's Referendum Party). Aims and Objectives: "To work to restore Britain's status as a self governing democracy and, in particular, to oppose Britain's participation in economic and monetary union." This is a fast-growing powerful movement. Don't miss this site.


"The only democratic, non-racist, non-sectarian political party to advocate Britain's withdrawal from the European Union -We shall campaign to restore true democracy and independent accountability to our parliament in Westminster" The Independence Party's new web site is a joy to behold and is packed with hard facts, statistics and well-informed opinion. There is a lot of content here, but easy to navigate. A very definite "don't miss it". (Also has stickers, campaign coffee mugs, "save the pound" pins, flags and other goods available to order)


"The UK's Leading Eurorealist Web Site - Fighting for UK Independence from the EU."  An excellent site, run by Andrew Stuart. Fresh, bold and cheeky, with much useful information, such as:
"The UK contributes around £8,000,000 each and every day of each year to the EU. That's a lot since 1973. By the end of end of 1995 we had paid £26,604,000,000 to the EU..."


"The Bruges Group was set up in February 1989 to campaign for a Europe less subject to centralised control than that emerging in Brussels. Its inspiration was Margaret Thatcher's Bruges speech, in September 1988, in which she remarked that Britain had not rolled back the frontiers of the state in order to have them re-imposed from Brussels. The Bruges Group soon had a major effect on public opinion, and forged links with similarly minded Members of Parliament as well as with similarly minded groups in other countries." This group and its list of regular speakers includes many household names and leaders of British politics and industry. An unparalleled source of accurate information. Attend the meetings if you can.

"Billy Britain - Voice of Reason"

"Welcome to Billy Britain's Home Page, my little bit of the fight against the destruction of the UK by our continental "friends"."
Huge, loud, irreverent, jolly but with some real spicy bits that surprise you. Great poems! (He nicked my flag graphic!)


"EUROCRITIC is an independent web magazine focusing a critical spotlight on European integration and its implications for our sovereignty. It features the publications of The Bruges Group - one of Britain's leading, political and economic, campaigning bodies. EUROCRITIC is politically non-aligned and contributors are editorially independent." - Anything from the Bruges Group is not to be missed.


"The Democrat . . . on line" is published by the Campaign against Euro-federalism.It contains material which analyses the implications of European Union, the single currency and a Common foreign and Security Policy for Britain. This includes the EU institutions, policies, directives and regulations.

"CAFE" - Conservatives Against a Federal Europe

"Conservatives Against a Federal Europe is the largest grass-roots campaigning group within the Conservative Party. Its objectives are straightforward. It exists to support every Conservative Member of Parliament who subscribes to the following six points...and to try to persuade every other Member of the merits of these aims..." A very euro (and EMU)- sceptic phoenix arising from the ashes of the previous Tory government.

The European Anti-Maastricht Alliance (TEAM)

"The European Anti-Maastricht Alliance (TEAM) is an organisation working for a Europe of cooperating democratic nation and against a federal Europe as implied in the Maastricht Treaty of the European Union. TEAM is an Europe wide network with organisations in countries both inside and outside the European Union. Europe is not just the European Union, the policies of the European Union affect all the countries in Europe and around the world. TEAM aims to reflect this fact, in our membership, our outlook and our aims."

"CAMPAIGN!" - Newsletter published by members of the Campaign For An Independant Britain (C.I.B.)

A punchy and up-to-date publication, with some in-built humour. "CAMPAIGN! is the essential ammunition for every anti-European Union fighter. In each edition, we'll give you the facts behind the latest Brussels attempts to steal what's left of our freedom - and suggest what we can do about it."

Main Site for the Campaign For An Independant Britain (C.I.B.)

"The CIB has established a position on the Web because we seek to use every medium available to promote the message that if the United Kingdom wishes to remain a self-governing democracy it must withdraw from the European Union." The CIB has been quietly getting on with its job for some years and it is good to see it now with an official home on the web.

Sleepwalking into the European Superstate

The late Sir James Goldsmith's outstanding speech made at Brighton. For me this is the clearest description I have come across of the very alarming situation the British people are now in. Take the time to read this in full. Dedicated to Sir James, a man who stood by his beliefs, and a fine orator.

The Meaning of the Maastricht Treaty

Vital reading. The European Union is actually defined by three treaties (including Maastricht), as explained here. There is also an easy-to-understand explanation of the clauses of Maastricht that pose a threat to our freedom and existance as a nation, together with the actual text. To quote from the article "The desperate wish of the Commission is to lock Britain and other states into an irreversible move to a United State of Europe. Nobody should doubt that EMU would be the end of Britain as an independent country. ...The present Prime Minister's repeated statements that he will not let Britain's identity be eroded only shows how little he understands what he is doing. It is not their identity the British people are worried about, it is their freedom to govern themselves." Written by Prof. Stephen & Mrs Gill Bush.

Keele Critical European Group

From Keele University. One of the very best UK sites, with good links. Their page "Articles of Interest" is a long list of the very best articles and analyses on the EU situation. Includes a section on the EU's threat to Internet Freedom.

The North West Branch of the C.I.B.

The homepage of the North West Branch of the Campaign for an Independent Britain. "The CIB is a national cross-party group campaigning for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. ...remember, if you do nothing about Brussels YOU're part of the problem. Join in the new Battle for Britain today."

"Resistance "

Resistance is the newsletter published by the West London branch of the CAMPAIGN FOR AN INDEPENDENT BRITAIN. Includes articles on: The Single Currency - the UK "opt-out", The European Movement Exposed, "Europe" and the threat of higher taxes, The Working Time Directive, The Data Protection Racket, The European Court. The CIB is a large well-run movement, and includes MPs and members of the House of Lords in its membership.

"Conservative World" from the United States

"'Conservative World' features organizations, think tanks and political parties around the world, united by seven basic ideological principles." Areas covered are: Australia, Africa, Canada, Europe and USA. The Europe page contains an excellent set of interesting links to other sites.

Anti-EU activity

"The European Union As in 1066 and all that - this is a BAD thing."A list of sites maintained by Amy Thornton at Reading University. Definitely worth checking out.

EDN - The European Maastricht-Critics

"Europe of Nations is the political forum for the Maastricht-critical groups, movements and parties of Europe. We don't want a European superpower like the one defined in the Maastricht-Treaty. We are an active opposition to the federal ideas of EU." From Denmark, "EDN" is French for "Europe of Nations". Good links to other European sites, and to info on the World Trade Organisation

The EDN-Group in the European Parliament

The Common platform for the "Europe of Nations" group. EDN stands for "Europe of Nations" (in french). EDN consists of members from a variety of political groups and movements. The group see its most importan aim to create a political environment were people can discuss alternatives to the existing Union of Maastricht. Much useful data on the European Parliament. The Constitution for the "Europe of Nations" is fully stated and includes "- a practical coordination group open to parliamentarians and groups who support the United Nations Declarations on Peace, Human Rights and Sustainable Development. Supports parliamentary democracy, the highest environmental standards, equitable free trade and international cooperation between nations, regions and peoples. "

The David-group in the EU-Parliament.

Nordic Maastricht-critial Members of the EU-Parliament. The David Group is an informal group within the European Parliament. The members of the group are Members of the European Parliament (MEP) from Denmark, Sweden and Finland who are critical or opposed to the Maastricht Treaty. The following parties or movements take part in the David group: From Denmark:- The June-Movement , The People's Movement against the EU, From Sweden:- The Left Party , The Green Party, The Centre Party , From Finland:- The Centre Party. The main aims of the David group are to coordinate activities among the MEPs whether they are directly related to the work of the European Parliament or the European Union, or to the common Nordic background.

IGC and the European Maastricht-criticism.

"When the danes voted NO to the Maastricht-Treaty on 2nd June 1992 one of the main reasons for the No was that people had access to the relevant EU-Documents. All major documents were published, and people were well informed. People received the whole Maastricht-Treaty free...and a lot actually read it. It is our aim to provide documents about the new Treaty-revision for you, so that you in your country have the possibility to reach the same level of information that made the Danish NO possible. "(from Denmark)



From HM Treasury, a document describing the procedure of instituting European Monetary Union (EMU) with attempts to be impartial regarding its pros and cons - "We focus on the question of whether the UK would benefit from joining EMU..." A very complete and informative document, from an authoritative source .

Statewatch Home Page

The Statewatch Database monitors the state and civil liberties in the UK and Europe. The database contains over 21,000 entries, with news, features, books, pamphlets, reports, EU resolutions and agreements, debates in the UK House of Commons & Lords, and the European Parliament, reports on cases in the European courts, and the Institute of Race Relations: European Race Audit. A large resource for research, although search findings often refer you to a back-copy of a national newspaper that you have to seek out at a public library.

The Parliamentary Channel: home page

Catch up with what is occurring in Parliament - a general resource.


The Treaty of Nice 

Full text in PDF format. Also on this site are all the other EU treaties, plus amendments.

"THE UNSEEN TREATY" - Treaty on European Union - Maastricht 1992

The full text of the Maastricht Treaty, as published originally by British citizen Mr David Pollard, when Maastricht was about to be signed, and when HMSO was always "mysteriously" out of stock when asked for a copy of the Treaty. You may recall one government minister actually boasted on national TV that he had never actually read the Maastricht Treaty. ...  Thanks to David alone, four major British newspapers published critiques of the treaty.

Treaty Establishing the European Community as Amended by Subsequent Treaties

the full Treaty of Rome of 25 March 1952, upon which the Maastricht Treaty is built. To fully understand Maastricht, you also need to study this. From the Hellenic Resources Network. (See also the NATO Handbook sites above, which explain the exact relationship between, and histories of, the various treaties.)

A Glossary of the European Communities and European Union

Very impressive, contains many links, very useful. Author : Professor Derek Urwin, Department of Politics and International Relations - University of Aberdeen.

And if you really want the other side of the picture (and the propaganda) ...


Euro Information

The Official Treasury SME Euro Resource. Mainly to advise firms dealing with EU countries on the effects of the introduction of euro cash in a few weeks time.

Europa Homepage

A WWW-server offering information on the European Union's goals and policies. EUROPA is a common endeavour of the EU's institutions, run by the European Commission.

European Union Home Page

A crude map of the European Union. You click on any flag to go to the Home Page of that country's EU site.


The opposition ! "EuroInternet" - Information Resources Related to European Integration in the Internet. An impressive page of many links to Euro-sites.

The European Parliament

One Parliament for Europe Introduction The European Parliament represents the people of the European Union: through the European Parliament, some 320 million European citizens now take part in the process of European integration. Since 1952 Parliament's...

The European Union - Chapter 1

KEY STAGES IN EUROPEAN CONSTRUCTION "Europe will not be built all at once or as a whole. It will come about by concrete achievements, creating first of all de facto solidarity." Robert Schuman, 9 May 1950 From the first dreams to the first steps (1946-1...

European Union Internet Resources

European Union Internet Resources EU Servers [ General | Information activities | R&D activities ] EU Documents on the Web Countries of the EU/Internal Relations Other items of interest | University links EU Servers General Europa The European Commissio...


I set this site up (back in 1997) to help fill you in on the facts of what is happening to us regarding the European Union (EU) and its relation to us as British Citizens.

I am an ordinary British citizen myself, a family man, with my own small business. I am very concerned about the Britain we are handing down so casually to our children, a Britain no longer ruled by its own Monarch and parliament, a Britain that I personally feel has been betrayed and sold-on by its own governments. I find it hard to believe how unaware the British people are of the enormous betrayal that has taken place. Perhaps it takes a lot to rouse us British. Maybe it was like this before the two World Wars - we are slow to act but formidable when we do.

My wife loves France and its people. I feel somewhat the same about Spain. We have many fine friends who are French, Spanish, German, Austrian, Italian and Swiss. They are not the "European Union". The "EU" is the creation of a small number of powerful men who have entirely their own agenda. 

In the months preceding the its signing it was impossible to get a copy of the Maastricht Treaty, the treaty that would create enormous changes to the whole future of our country. Then one solitary man, David Pollard of Oxford, somehow got hold of a copy of the Treaty and published it on floppy disk, which he sent to the national newspapers. Four major newspapers published extracts from the Treaty (known as "The Unseen Treaty), thanks to David. I for my part embarked on a private project to get the text file of the Maastricht Treaty posted on every Bulletin Board (BBS) in the UK, some 200 BBSs, way back then in the days before the Internet. (My phone bill from using my snail-like modem was huge!).

But the Treaty was signed, and we were never consulted.

No government has the right to give away the power of our Parliament to govern our country, to a consortium of foreign nations. Only the British people have the right to do that. There should have been a referendum.

Prime Minister John Major knew that. His ministers knew that. Every MP of whatever Party knew that. A few stood up and said so, loudly. They were "disciplined" by Tory Party whips and Tory Party leaders. Yet they were the ones who put loyalty to the British people before "obedience" to the "Party line". The suppression of this few was in fact a gross national scandal, quickly glossed over by Mr Major and others. (I recommend you read MP Teresa Gorman's book "The Bastards" for the full sordid facts). And of course Mr Major reaped the whirlwind at the next general election, when the British people showed the contempt they had come to feel for him and most of the Conservative Party.

And thus we voted in a Labour Party well organised in matters of obedience to their leader, Tony Blair, whose view of the European Union is that Britain should quickly and with no fuss (notice the deliberate low key that EU matters were reduced to in the media...) be absorbed into a socialist Europe.

Now we have a coalition government, due entirely (in case you did not notice) to the Scottish vote, which was overwhelmingly Labour and deprived the Conservatives of the needed majority. What irony, that Scotland decided which party should rule England! And they ( the coalition) mumble about a referendum and hope we all forget their pre-election pledges.

Some of the people I talk to think this is all about trading with Europe. They have been tricked into believing that there will be grave job losses, and financial strife if we do not abandon the pound sterling and take up the euro. What a con! We have been trading with Europe for thousands of years, with great success ! This is about the silent conquest of our island. This is about being legally ruled by Europe. By a Europe dominated by Germany (and the rulers of the bundesbank - the real creators of the euro).  Do not be manipulated. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.

Some while ago Torquil Dick-Erikson wrote this to me: "Over the years I have tried to get people to look at the LEGAL aspects, with particular reference to the disastrous effects it will have on British individual civil rights like Habeas Corpus and Trial by Independent Jury, which are unknown throughout the continent. Our national LEGAL sovereignty and right to self-government, on which all else obviously hinges, is in the process of being done away with as I write, by Parliament's passing the Amsterdam Treaty (right now it's in the Committee stage). The tragedy is that Members of Parliament are I believe quite unaware of what they are doing, for they have not noticed the legally irreversible barb embedded in the text of Article K2(6)."

We, the British public, should be asked, whether via a referendum, or by some other means: do we wish to be part of Federal Europe, or do we wish to remain as we always have been - in the words of Mr Churchill -

"... with Europe,but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed."

I would like to thank the large number of people who have sent supportive email and valuable contributions - please keep doing it! My thanks especially to the Telegraph who have so often posted links to this site on their pages.

 Please spread the Web address (URL) of this site to newsgroups, other sites, the media and your friends (and even your MP !) And mail me if you find more content I can include. If you have a useful article to contribute or a relevant we site, please email me. If I have failed to reply to anyone, I apologize. I do get a lot of email.

Please email me your comments and suggestions

envelope webmaster@freebritain.co.uk

( I still have a number of copies of the Maastricht Treaty in booklet form, new, smart and a fiver each including postage and packing.)

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